Hi there, my name is Robert and I’m a husband, father of three and a software developer since last 12 years. I love to automate things, programing and Clouds(computing clouds - for sure :) ).
At my work I follow the path of the Software Craftsman (at least I do my best).
Who is that you can ask ? In my opinion Micah Martin desribed it perfectly in this post.
I also have been doing/promoting DevOps culture since 2011. Since that I also work remotely.
At the beginning of my career I was working as a developer later on as an operation.
To be honest since that Im trying to search for a job/project where I would be able to connect
my passions.

From my day-to-day job I’m using:

  • Python (Flask, in the past also Twisted) - I have been using in a past very heavily,
    currently I use it manily for writting handly scripts which are executed via AWS Lambda(mostly),
  • Go Lang (I have been using it since a while mostly for backend APIs and cmd line tools
    and I need to admit that so far this is my favourite programming language. Relatively I’m new in this but I’m improving here),
  • JavaScript and Node.js(Node.js + various of JS libraries - JS is a language I have been using
    since I actually remember but I had never focus on it as much as I should. In a last few years it grown significantly (because of Node.js) and every developer should put more focus on it,
  • PHP (Laravel and Symfony) - I have been doing a lot of small and really big project in this language since a last 10 years or so,
  • Terraform - Im an early adopter, I have been using is since almost 3 years from now,
  • Packer - I have been using it since last 2 years or so, crucial tool for every DevOps eng.,
  • SaltStack - ~2 years of experiance,
  • Jenkins (to automate processes, create pipelines but I also to automate Jenkins
    itself - DSL, Pipeline DSL, Jenkins startup script),
  • Docker,
  • Kubernetes - I have never used it on a real production environemnt but I would love to
    see how it works on a real battlefield, anyway I still must to learn a lot in this area (btw: this bof is served from K8S cluster),
  • Serverless - I have been using it mainly for preparing AWS Lambdas (Python or node.js)

Since early 2018 I have been playing heavily with GoLang and since a while also with the Kubernetes.
Ansible is also on my list of provisioners to explore(since RedHat bought them).

I also have around 3 years of hands on experience with AWS and
services like Lambda functions, EC2, CloudWatch, ElasticCache, Route53, S3.

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